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Our Amenities –
The nature of greens and blues

The healthful benefits of green space – parks, trails, and nature preserves have been well documented by environmental psychologists. However, the benefits of blue space – water features, rivers, lakes and oceans – are just now coming to light. If you’re guessing that green is good, but green and blue is even better, you’re right! Life at the lake gives you an abundance of both.

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Life at the lake gives you an abundance of both.

The Lighthouse: Southshore's New Community Center

The new rec center in this exclusive southeast Aurora community of Southshore will span 9,000 square feet and feature a full slate of recreational and entertainment activities for residents of Southshore. This additional resort-style amenity will also provide a new venue for resident connection and interaction in the rapidly growing community.


The Lakehouse

This is the heart of the neighborhood, where friends and neighbors get together for swim parties, movie night or to relax with libations at sunset around an open fire pit. It’s the place where Southshore really shines and glows.

Senac Pond

At the foot of the Senac waterfall, this little wonder has some big adventures. Kids can explore the critters in the creek while you take up paddle-boarding or canoeing. Bring a friend to share meaningful moments while gently pedal-boating around the pond.

Parks & Trails

No community would be complete without the means to congregate with fellow neighbors. The pocket parks and miles of trails that connect with other communities do just that. All are great for walking, running, hiking or biking or meeting and greeting.

Open Space

Just outside your door are acres and acres of free-frolicking open space, where wildlife roams abundantly. And so can you. But be careful where you roam, because cactus and yucca plants can sneak up on you!

Lake Access

There’s no shortage of ways to get to the lake. Just follow the walking paths or trails, or head to the Marina for boat access. For a stunning trip around the lake, walk along an 8.5-mile trail that hugs the shoreline through wooded and high-plains areas.

The Boathouse

On the banks of Senac Pond, you’ll find a nice respite from the hustle and bustle at the Boathouse. It’s the perfect spot to host a family picnic, or to just take it easy on one of the docks. You can try a little fishing, or take a ride around the pond on a pedal-boat. It’s a relaxing way to end the day.

Anchor Point Park

One of the larger parks in the neighborhood, it’s a great place to stretch out and let the kids burn off some of that youthful energy. With lots of grassy open space, a playground, and picnic areas, it’ll be your go-to retreat.