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    There’s something about Southshore’s lakeside living with its vast expanse of blue that soothes the soul and sparks the imagination.  What will it be today?  A morning run around the lake?  Will you wet your fishing line for the sole purpose of freeing your mind?  Or, will the wind fill your sails and take you away?

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    If it seems like everyone in that video was having fun, it’s because they truly were! Take a look at the making of the video. The weather was perfect, the music flowed, and good times were had by all. It was no stretch for people to appear right at home—some of the stars are actual Southshore residents! Watch this “making of” video, then come visit Southshore today and see for yourself how bright the days can be.

    When looking for a new home remember this: Life at the lake may be as simple as a deep breath of crisp-off-the-water fresh air to start your day. Or, maybe it’s the soul-expanding vista that welcomes you home. Depending on the day, life at the lake can be many things. But for you, it’s always home.