Advanced Easter Egg Decorating!

March 23, 2021

If your family has moved beyond the tablet-in-plastic-cup and food color and vinegar method of decorating Easter eggs, here are several artistic ways to celebrate the season, these high-end egg decorating ideas are for you! 

From artsy gold-leaf designs to folk-art pysanky eggs to all-natural dyes and more, you will see why Easter egg decorating is an exciting way to give creative expression to the season!

Artistic Gold-Leaf Easter Eggs

The surefire way to create artisan Easter eggs is by using gold leaf. This medium is both authentic (gold leaf consists of between 90 and 99% real gold) and relatively easy. The result is a stunning gold-leaf covered egg in a variety of patterns!

You can apply the gold leaf to either hard-boiled or blown-out egg shells (the latter, you can keep indefinitely). You can also use less fragile bases such as wooden eggs or plastic eggs.

Classic Arts and Crafts Eggs

If you are acquainted with decorated Easter eggs, you’ll know that Ukrainian pysanky eggs are the epitome of egg design. With classic folk art patterns that are both colorful and intricate, these eggs are created by using a beeswax and batik dye method. Learn how you can make your own at home from My Modern Met!

These exquisite book-page eggs are created on either blown-out eggs or paper mache eggs. To make, just cut strips of text from the pages of an old book and Mod-Podge onto the egg, finishing off with a decorative bow from twine.

For an old-fashioned and all-natural way to decorate eggs, you’ll want to use the natural dyes that pioneers used—straight from edible ingredients you probably have at home!

Martha Stewart’s website lists many vegetables and herbs that can be brewed to make dyes for eggs, such as onions, beets, red cabbage and turmeric, The chart also includes the corresponding egg colors, and some of the results are quite unexpected! For example, red cabbage is used to make robin-egg-blue colored eggs!

Embroider and Mache Your Eggs

Speaking of life on the prairie…how about making some cross-stitched embroidered eggs? These are actual eggs and real thread, sewn into the egg shells with an embroidery needle. Apparently egg shells are tougher than we imagined!

For the most fun you’ll have with the kids all year, make some paper-mache Easter eggs! The simple supply list includes paper mache eggs from a craft store—or you can substitute small egg-shaped balloons—as well as glue and squares of colored tissue paper. The kids will love the process and you’ll have some great family heirlooms in the end!

The Most Original Eggs

For decorated eggs you would have never dreamed of making, check out this ingenious idea from Feast and Farm. Use an old silk tie (or other 100% silk material from clothing you can buy at a second-hand store), to wrap around eggs and transfer the design and colors onto the eggs.

The website also includes a fun idea to roll-and-dye eggs in a glass jar that older kids will love. This simple method involves uncooked rice, food coloring, and hard-boiled eggs!

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