Always Buy These Things New!

January 23, 2018

Saving money is a worthwhile goal for the new year and while there are some things that are great to buy at yard and garage sales – like furniture you can repurpose — there are other items you should always buy new!

The Ick Factor

You know this — the warnings are everywhere – don’t buy a used mattress or pick up a freebie left on the curb! A used mattress could be TOO used to support your back affecting your sleep and health. It will almost always have bodily fluids, dust mites, and pounds of dead skin embedded deep in the fabric. (Ick, right?) And let’s not talk at length about the possibility of bed bugs, even though they’ve been in the news, a lot lately!

Denver Mattress Company in Aurora on Parker Road posts deals on their website and in the store for brand new mattresses. And you can shop by ratings, prices, during periodic sales events and even score a comfy Euro-top from this factory-direct outlet.

And like mattresses, upholstered furniture is often a great hiding place for bacteria, dust mites and other critters, and since you can’t throw a used sofa in the washing machine, it’s hard get it 100 percent clean. Steer clear unless it’s a hand-me-down and even then, your hand vac is your best friend!

Health Over Savings

It’s probably okay to buy “gently-used” shoes, but podiatrists warn against buying footwear that’s been worn on a regular basis. Since shoes conform to the owners’ feet after a while, used shoes could cause foot pain or even bigger health problems over time.

If you’re looking to save money on a vacuum cleaner, consider this: you don’t know what the vacuum was used for, or whether there are dust mites hanging around on the inside. Plus, who gets rid of a vacuum unless it stops doing its job?! The Agency Vac Shop on South Havana in Aurora sells new, rebuilt and factory refurbished vacuums, and will take an old vacuum cleaner as credit toward a purchase.

While you don’t have to avoid ALL used and hand-me-down pots, pans and cookware, especially those made from stainless steel, cast iron and ceramic, never buy cookware with scratched and flaking non-stick coating. The chemicals in non-stick coatings can leech into your food which is not a heathy trade-off for scoring a bargain.

Buy New for Safety

Technology improves every year and that’s the biggest reason to buy new car seats, but another reason is that used car seats usually don’t come with manufacturers’ instructions (which you need to install correctly) and you never know if a car seat has been damaged or is missing parts. Used car seats have a “shelf life” and may not meet current safety standards, so why take a chance? For everything you ever needed to know about car seats, check out the Healthy Children FAQs.

Here are a few other baby items to think twice about before buying used.

Bike helmets are another item where safety is more important than getting a good deal. Experts warn that there may be unseen cracks or other defects in used helmets that may not withstand another crash. For tips and illustrations about how a bike helmet should fit, look at the guidelines on the National Highway Traffic Safety website.

Okay to Buy Used! 

Buying second-hand can save you money and Clark Howard, that finance guru who counsels consumers on great deals, says there are a few things that are not just okay to buy used – he recommends it. Things like movies, CDs, cars, furniture and refurbished (and warrantied) electronics. Just know that if it’s a car you’re shopping for, first take a look at Consumer Reports list of used cars to avoid!

Best Local Thrift and Consignment Stores in Aurora

If you’re looking for great second-hand stores near our community, try one of our local favorites – Sunrise Thrift Store, located just off of Havana, or A Wee Bit Worn for the kids!

Buying New in Southshore 

Why buy new in the master-planned community of Southshore? A stroll through the models offered by Toll Brothers, Century Communities and Richmond American Homes, will answer that question for you! The spectacular homes, amazing Lakehouse, recreation nearby at the Aurora Reservoir are just a few reasons. Available in both ranch and two-story models, new homes here are priced from the upper $300s to the $700s.