Landscape / Gardening

Can’t-Kill Flowers, Trees and Shrubs!

June 30, 2020

Has this thought ever crossed your mind when you’re shopping for beautiful but delicate flowers and plants, or temperamental shrubs and trees? “I’d like to have one of those, but what if it dies?” For someone with light-green thumbs, it’s not that we’re afraid, but there are a lot of variables we can’t control – …

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Start Your Seedlings, Now!

March 10, 2020

If you’ve been to a Walmart, Lowe’s or Home Depot lately (and all three are within minutes of Southshore), you know that seeds, potting soil, and peat-pot starter trays are front and center on display. We’re approaching the spring planting calendar, especially for sowing seeds that take a long time to germinate and bloom, so …

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Shade-Loving Flowers and Bushes

May 27, 2019

Shade doesn’t have to limit you when it comes to planting pretty flowers in your yard and garden – there are plenty of shade-loving perennials that will bloom bright and colorful without full sun. 

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Window Box Beauty Basics

May 14, 2019

Window boxes bring the flower power color of spring and summer right up under your front windows and make it part of your house – viewable from the inside and out. Maybe that’s why we love window boxes – the explosion of hues is a happiness catalyst during warm weather. What’s more beautiful than a …

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Grow Indoor Flowers This Winter!

January 8, 2019

Winter weather can sometimes bring on the winter blahs and if they DO set in and you start pining for a touch of spring in your surrounds, try growing a flowering indoor houseplant as a pick-me-up. These gorgeous plants will bring color and warmth to your winter nest and are the perfect remedy for winter …

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The War on Weeds!

July 10, 2018

You’ve probably never wondered why the phrase “growing like a weed” is such a popular idiom. Especially this time of year, when weeds are everywhere and seem to magically appear and reproduce overnight! Weeds grow SO FAST and are so destructive, they steal the moisture and nutrition REAL PLANTS need to thrive. So, we collected …

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No-Fail Raised Gardening Tips!

May 22, 2018

Raised gardens are often built in response to a particular gardening challenge—space, pests, or soil type. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be appealing to look at—even charming—and work for everyone! Take a look at some common challenges and successful solutions to find the perfect raised garden for your Southshore backyard!

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Naturally Pest-Proof Your Garden

April 24, 2018

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible to grow flourishing flowers or vegetables without pesticides.  We unearthed lots of ways to protect your garden from pests, both the insect-variety and the furry, four-legged kind – and do it naturally. If you’re passionate about growing organically and avoiding herbicides, fungicides and pesticides, read on!

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