A Chandelier Without Peer!

August 22, 2017

“Chandelier” is a hard word to separate from the idea of elaborate, opulent, crystal dining room lighting embellishments. The crystal chandelier has never gone out of style (check out this vintage fixture from the 1940s worth $3895!) but the latest spin on this design accessory can take on an bunch of different guises.

You can grab a crystal chandelier online from Pottery Barn, Overstock.com and Houzz for anywhere from $64 to $899. Or, you can ask the concierge robot at ByKoket.com how much the incredible Eternity crystal chandelier costs. With no prices listed on the website, we’re guessing it might be through the roof!

If you’d rather customize your own fixture, there are plenty of inspirational ideas on Pinterest and a treasure trove of videos on YouTube from and for creative crafters.

Blogger Lisette at Northern Belle Diaries details her journey to the perfect customized crystal chandelier, which started by scrolling through Pinterest pics, snagging a brass one on Craigslist, and ordering crystal teardrops and beads from Amazon.

Diane at In My Own Style took a different sort of brass fixture and, with a combination of paint and “crystals” purchased at Michael’s, turned it into a rustic-elegant (new design category?) dining room light fixture.

To each, his/her own, right?

A Modern Chandelier

chandelierA wrought-iron chandelier can add a touch of modernity to your dining area, and options range from plain to posh overhead fixtures. Check out these 10 iron works of art, from a pendant with an iron-lattice shade and an antique farmhouse sphere light fixture, to a $1525 Ralph Lauren ring of light.

Artist Edward Chew’s entry into the Inhabitat lighting design competition in Europe took the grand prize for recycling Tetra Paks into a 21st century spherical chandelier. In origami fashion, he cut and folded hundreds of strips of the cardboard packaging and then assembled them into a globe – without any adhesive. While driven by a passion for repurposing rather than dollars – Edward says he’s open to taking orders for his creation!

Chandeliers from Scratch

For the DIYers who love repurposing useful objects and recycled materials, here are a few unusual chandelier ideas sure to brighten your day!

chandelierKara Paslay Designs shows off her mason jar lighting skills with a tutorial detailing all the supplies you’ll need and offering step-by-step instructions, right down to the wiring.

Talk about upcycling! Lindsay, who blogs for Makelyhome.com, took Party City beads and adhered them to a builder’s grade chandelier with a glue gun and produced a chandelier that would be at home at any Mardi Gras party!

Something is Done went industrial with lengths of steel pipe, parts and fittings and some black spray paint. And DIY Network took the tops off of three extra-large wine bottles, added galvanized wire and created a trio of pendants for a reimagined (of a sort) chandelier.

Stylecaster.com curated 22 DIY chandelier ideas – some whimsical, like the ones made from pearls, corks, gold foil and waxed paper — and others, impressive works of art.

Bored Panda pulled together a few more unusual chandeliers and pendant lights using everything from cheese graters and lace doilies to wood hangars and gummy bears. No kidding. And designer Kevin Champeny says be sure to use acrylic gummies and not the candy kind, otherwise you might have a melty-mess!

Before you decide which chandelier is for you, read the tips about decorating with chandeliers from The Spruce, with recommendations about how big to go and how far down to hang one from the ceiling.

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