Create Your Own Wall Art!

January 21, 2020

The New Year is like a big blank wall in your house, ready to take on a refreshing new expression of self. Whether you have been eyeing that empty wall in the foyer or want a change of scenery – so to speak – in your main living area, here are a few colorful and creative DIY ideas to redecorate your space!

Make a (Decorating) Statement with Wall Art

A large blank wall can be intimidating—but it also creates a wonderful opportunity for a bold decorating statement. If you don’t know what to do with all that empty space, follow these tips from Architectural Digest: hang a large-scale piece of art—maybe one you made yourself! Another approach is to create a gallery wall by filling the space with a collection of smaller framed prints.

Be a Modern Art Guru

If you have ever looked at modern art and thought, “I could do that,” then you will love these DIY wall art ideas that will add a splash of color and accent to any room. This easy-to-make, not to mention cool modern art project from The New Domestic requires nothing more than a large canvas, some bold paint colors, and masking tape! 

Check out these color-blocking wall art techniques from Better Homes and Gardens to create an array of simple, bold, and beautiful prints. Choose from mixed media—using fabric and scrapbook paper—watercolor, or acrylic paints on wood! Get even more inspiration for a wide range of colorful projects from Decoist.

Find a Fabric or a Map

High-end designers often use a series of three panels called a triptych to elegantly fill a large space. You can create your own (and save some money) by finding some gorgeous lengths of fabric and stapling them tightly around large pre-stretched canvases or Styrofoam blocks, suggests Buzzfeed.

A more down-to-earth approach to DIY wall art is using maps for inspiration. If you have rustic interior design, a silhouetted world map painted on weathered wood planks makes a stunning work of wall art!

Trim and Texture

Nothing fills wall space in a richer way than three-dimensional design. Using inexpensive and easy-to-work-with thin wood trim from the local Home Depot, you can create your own sculptural wallpaper! Just sketch a simple geometric design on the wall, cut the wood pieces, nail them to the wall with finishing nails, then paint over with a vibrant color for a real room changer. Or frame a section of wallpaper, like Summer Adams did these floral patterns.

DIY designer Dana Frieling made it even easier by starting with plain wood frames connected by straight strips of trim for a knock-out dining room makeover.

Advanced Painting Techniques

If you have some experience with decorative painting, these more advanced painting techniques from The Spruce may inspire you. Included are directions for painting harlequin designs, stripes, and metallic dots, as well as techniques like stenciling and strié, a streaky watercolor affect. Check out the stencil – big pattern stencil – by Linda Ahman – definitely a project worth imitating!

If you are feeling really adventurous, why not paint the ceiling in bold stripes in alternating colors, suggests Elle Decor. It will create such a focal point for the room, you won’t need to do anything with the walls!

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