DIY Skills to Learn This Year

April 30, 2020

Everyone has a wishlist of DIY projects that might not match their skill sets! Take some  time to start acquiring the skills you need in order to tackle that dream project. And now that the weather is getting warmer, your list just might include an outdoors project or two!

Life Skills 101

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be self-sufficient when it comes to fixing things around the house. Life Hacker shows you how to do 10 essential DIY skills that aren’t as hard as you think! 

If you’re looking for ways to save money, these frugal life skills from Money Crashers will let you take care of things without spending a bundle! Finally, Popular Mechanics has some great ideas for mastering skills needed for outdoor projects—like how to use a screw gun! 

Home Maintenance and Repair

It may be less-than-glamourous, but many DIY home projects involve repairing or maintaining what’s already there. One great skill to know is how to patch drywall. Whether it’s a door thrown open too forcefully or a kids’ party that got out of hand, you can’t ignore a hole in the wall!

Another way to keep your household running smoothly is to be sure all your tools are in working order. In the kitchen, this means knowing how to sharpen your knives. Epicurious will tell you the difference between sharpening and honing—and even how to sharpen with a whetstone!

At one time or another, you may find yourself wanting to freshen the paint in a room or switch up the color scheme altogether. At that time, knowing how to paint a room the right way would be a valuable skill worth having!

Bicycles and Backyard Projects

This is the time of year many bike enthusiasts would be taking their bicycles for a tune-up—why not get to know your bike better and maybe even master some basic bike repairs? walks you through skills like aligning your wheel and degreasing your chain, among others!

If you are ready to take on the kind of project that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood, check out Popular Mechanics’ super backyard DIY ideas and you may be ready to build anything from a treehouse to a tree swing, a skateboard ramp to an outdoor movie theatre!

The ultimate family project that you’ll appreciate all summer long! Check out Home Depot’s step-by-step DIY guide to building a raised garden, and learn a new skill that’s sure to be fruitful!

Can Your Own Food

Once you’ve harvested your own food, take it a step further and learn the correct way to preserve it! Money Crashers points out that canning your own food saves money and also enables you to prepare for short and long-term emergencies. 

In addition to the food preparation, you’ll also want to think about storage for the finished products. Any cool, dark corner is perfect—perhaps in your basement or a closet. You can purchase or build shelving–simple wood or wire freestanding shelves will work.

Sew What?

Whether you’ve always wanted to design your own clothes or you’d just like to be able to hem a pair of pants, Spruce Crafts tells you everything you need to know to
learn how to sew. From projects for your interior decor (pillows and shams) to wardrobe options like pencil skirts and pull-on shorts – it never hurts to know your way around a sewing machine or a needle and thread.

Life Hacker points out how useful it is to learn the basics of sewing to work on all kinds of projects for your house and closet — everything from making curtains to patching garments and repairing seams. 

Your Pet Can Benefit, Too!

Who says you can’t groom your own dog at home? Think of the money you’ll save and the fun time spent with your best friend! If you want to set up a dog day-spa in your backyard, take these pet grooming tips from Care!

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