Enviable Organization – Tips and Tricks!

October 6, 2020

Something comes over us this time of year — we want to declutter all of the stuff that somehow accumulated in our homes during the busy summer! Maybe it’s because we spent more time outside instead of staying in, to sort and organize and we’ll call that a win. But now, to get ready for the cozy season, we’re ready to get our homes in order. And today’s new organization inspo comes from The Home Edit.

The Home Edit may sound familiar — they have a wildly popular new show on Netflix called Get Organized with The Home Edit. If you liked Marie Kondo, you’ll love Clea and Joanna — think the satisfaction of KonMari’s afters, but in bright colors with pretty labels. “The goal in starting The Home Edit was to reinvent traditional organizing, and merge it with design and interior styling. While every project is rooted in functional systems that can be maintained for the long term, there is just as much emphasis placed on transforming the space visually and adding their signature stylized aesthetic.”

Of course, The Home Edit’s organization systems are more than bright colors and pretty labels. The whole point of editing your home is to create systems and plans you’ll actually use.

Decluttering, or “Editing” Your Stuff

If you don’t know where to start, try a checklist like this one from Blogger Mique of 30 Handmade Days – of commonly-hoarded items.

One rule of The Home Edit that might help you start is to declutter as you organize. To start, you’re going to make a mess. Yes, really. A big one. For example, if you’re organizing your kitchen cupboards and drawers, the first step is to take everything out of them. You want to see what you have, what you don’t use, and what you absolutely love and need to have at hand.

Having A Plan

Here’s where containers and labels come into play. Once you can see all of your stuff laid out, you can start figuring out what can go where. Grab your paper and pens and start planning! Draw out the spaces to store everything, then plan what your ideal solution looks like.

A pro tip: Group like with like. Categories create systems that you’ll want to follow and use to stay organized in the future. That may sound obvious but having a “snack” bin differentiated from a “cooking oils” spot will make putting away groceries seamless. Keep important, much-used stuff in the easiest-to-reach spots, and don’t be afraid of an organization container. Home Edit is all about acrylic containers for the see-through benefits, some people prefer baskets for the natural, textured look and hideaway potential, and others use mason jars and recycled, identical sauce, jam and jelly jars! 

Contain All the Things 

If you love The Container Store, this is going to be your favorite step! Even if you have no idea what types of containers you’ll need, one trick The Home Edit swears by is to buy way more containers than you’ll actually need. You can always return what you don’t use, but you’ll never be stuck in the awkward spot of not having enough places to put your things. Clear bins showcase important items, and baskets hide the less exciting things you don’t necessarily want to see every day.

Ditching the box packaging of items like granola bars and applesauce pouches allows you to fit things in a tidy manner and see exactly what you have. Setting up your containers by color is obviously a personal choice, but there is something so satisfying about rainbows, isn’t there? It makes putting away new items almost foolproof and finding them even easier.

Put a Label on It

Labeling your containers, whatever you choose to use, keeps you organized and accountable. It also helps tell your family members where to put everything. Keep your labels as specific or vague as you need — pasta, flour, and oats work fantastic for your staples, and “snacks” can be a catch-all that you can organize to fit whatever snacks you may have in the house. 


All of those beautiful rainbow-styled pantry and fridge pictures may inspire you to start in the kitchen, but closets, bathrooms, and kid’s toys are also perfect places to organize with systems. Ready to really dive in? The Home Edit has two books and a blog with more tips! 

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