A Fall Feast for Everyone

September 19, 2017

Nearly every calendar you see notes the Jewish holiday feast of Rosh Hashanah, so we decided to satisfy our curiosity about these traditional fall menus! Check ‘em out!

Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown on Thursday, September 21 through nightfall on Friday, September 22. The date only seems to change every year because the Jewish calendar is based on lunar instead of solar cycles.

feastRosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year, and so it’s a happy festive celebration,  with people wishing one another a sweet year to come, marked by dipping apple slices in honey. It’s customary to eat foods that include one or both of these ingredients — in apple cakes, honey cakes, and teiglach, a sticky Old World confection made from bits of dough boiled in honey.

Big Beautiful Briskets!

From Texas to Tel Aviv, just about everybody loves brisket – and it’s traditional Jewish feast food at its finest. Some people like it with a big, bold wine to layer in flavor; others mince garlic, onion and bay leaves, while a few prefer a sweet cranberry glaze.

feastThe Kitchn offers links to four different brisket recipes to introduce you to this slow cooked meat, tender and moist with caramelized edges.

The Spruce slow-cooks a brisket in Coke®, for a flavorful and fragrant feast that’s simple and perfect for Rosh Hashanah. The Spruce chefs say it is actually better the NEXT day because a little time in the fridge enhances the taste!

The Spruce also has brisket recipes with sauerkraut or a mango, barbecue sauce, both popular Jewish feast entrees with a twist. And for dessert, try the cinnamon-scented (and dairy-free) apple cake that makes a perfect feast finale.

Comforting Sides

feastYou’ve heard of kugel, right? While we’re used to savory pasta sides, the Jewish noodle kugel that chefs, including Martha Stewart, make is a sweet, cinnamon-laced pudding with egg noodles, sour cream, cream cheese and apples. It makes a tasty side dish for a brunch or dinner.

And Martha’s apple-honey challah bread recipe is a yummy carb indulgence, with a roasted vegetables with pomegranate vinaigrette that kicks up the flavor by adding a satisfying crunch with sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts roasted together. You don’t have to extract your own pomegranate juice, by the way – just buy some and add olive oil and pepper!

Epicurious features an inventive spin on a traditional Rosh Hashanah feast with Chef Yotam Ottolenghi’s pan-fried sea bass with honey, couscous with oven-dried tomatoes, eggplant with buttermilk sauce plus roasted sweet potatoes and fresh figs! Be adventurous and epicurious and try something different this fall!

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