Farmers Market Finds Near Southshore

July 12, 2016

Farmers Market in Aurora

Before the sun gets too high in the sky this Saturday, set your sights, and your GPS, on the farmers market at Southlands in Aurora. It’s a hop and a skip from Southshore and a feast for your eyes and your belly.

Farmers Market Finds

Southlands Farmers Market

The market opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 1:00 p.m. and parking is plentiful. Head for Main Street at the north end of the shopping area. You can find a wide array of things to eat, things to wear and things to grow, even some unusual hand-crafted wood tools and tables.

What to Expect
Like any farmers market, the one at Southlands has amazing fresh fruits and vegetables. as well as other goodies:

• Peaches from Palisade (which are great grilled!)
• Cherries by the basket
• Wine
• Breads and baked goods
• Ceramics
• Bison jerky
• Coffee
• Kettlecorn
• Limeade and lemonade
• No-bake cheesecakes
• Tamales and salsa
• Essential oils
• Fragrant soaps
• Jewelry
• Metal sculpture
• Herbs and greens, ready to plant or use
• BBQ sauces
• Varieties of honey
• Tea and crumpets
• Aurora Public Library – you can rent books on the spot!

With so many fresh food choices, do you struggle turning your farmers market finds into family-friendly fare? Keep reading!

You could make plenty of hot dishes, like potatoes, squash and goat cheese gratin, but the dog days of summer call for cool treats, like potato salad with green beans and salsa verde. Or cold cucumber soup with dill, green onions and red wine vinegar. Or even cucumber ribbon salad, a kid-friendly idea from Parent magazine – because let’s face it — ribboned veggies taste better no matter how old you are!

And who would turn down a handful of crinkle carrot FRIES? If those don’t make your mouth water, check your pulse. You might be a bot!

Pick a Pepper!

Farmers market finds

Peppers are good for you!

Last week, Miller Farms had a booth that was five booths long with a vast selection of potatoes (new, sweet) mushrooms (button, Portobello), beets, eggplants, lettuce and cabbage, plus colorful carrots, fat juicy tomatoes and plenty of peppers. We filled a bag with veggies for $10 and came away with 10 pounds of great-looking produce.

There were the garden-variety bell peppers — red, yellow and green, but also jalapeños, Hungarian wax (medium hot) and Anaheim (mildly hot) peppers. Peppers are loaded with vitamins A and C and potassium and any of them would be GREAT in this cucumber salsa with tomatoes, cucumbers and onions!

If you eat protein for breakfast, try egg in a pepper. It’s a different take on a traditional over-easy meal and packs pepper power.

Medical evidence suggests an ingredient found in HOT peppers, capsaicin, boosts your metabolism AND suppresses your appetite. Capsaicin raises your body temperature and uses up more energy. That means you don’t have to feel guilty about THIS quick and tasty appetizer for the grill. Seed any hot pepper and stuff with cream cheese, then wrap with bacon and grill until crispy. YUM!

But remember, hot peppers can burn your skin and eyes, so wear rubber gloves when you prep them and keep your hands away from your face. Capsaicin doesn’t dissolve in water, so have a glass of milk handy; you’ll need some fat to neutralize the heat!

Do yourself, and your family, a favor and stop by the Southlands farmers market this Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Pick Up Some Veggies…and a New Home

If you don’t call Southshore home yet, take a detour through our beautiful model homes. There’s a floor plan for every personality. Village Homes offers two collections and some “quick move-in” possibilities, and Richmond American Homes will have beautiful new homes coming soon!