Father’s Day Gifts for Aurora Dads

June 11, 2019

If you’re living lakeside in Southshore – this Father’s Day get your dad something he can enjoy on or in the Aurora reservoir, just minutes away. From motorized inflatables and latex swimming fingers to underwater scooters and roll-up boats – you’ll find the perfect lake-water toy he’ll love, right here! What better way to spend Father’s Day than at the 800-acre water wonderland that’s just minutes from your front door in Southshore? And how much enjoyment will he (and you!) get from these water toys that promise lakeside fun in the sun?

The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts for Colorado Dads

Remember the Creature from the Black Lagoon? No? Well, he had webbed hands and feet and could power through the water like the amphibian he was. These affordable ($30) Darkfin Gloves are made of cotton fiber-infused latex and offer the surfer, swimmer and kayaker super paddle-out ability. The increased speed, with less effort, is great for the snorkeler and scuba diver, too. Plus, sales from Darkfin Gloves support the drilling of a water well in Mozambique Africa — 30 percent of every order will contribute to this worthy cause.

The Rover Aero is lots of things – a skiff, a dingy, a paddleboard, and a BOTE. Aptly names by Boteboard, BOTE is an inflatable device that is ultra-easy to store and carry. Complete with an electric pump, hand pump, adjustable paddles and a slew of accessories, everything rolls up and packs easily into the travel bag. And this is the first ever paddle board that lets you add an outboard motor to pair with it for up to 16 mph of power. Just remember – motorized boats at the reservoir must be electric, not gas-powered.

From Dude I Want That you’ll find the inflatable motorized float. Yeah, it looks like a pool recliner but it’s basically a motor boat with a state-of-the-art propeller system spun by two powerful motors.

Scuba Divers, Surfers and SUPers

Does your dad scuba dive? Then maybe he’d like this ultramodern twist on underwater swimming goggles. From Yanko Design, the D-Mask is secured around the forehead, jaw and chin, nearly covering the face, but is supposed to feel less restrictive than traditional goggles. You can connect the unit to an air tank or use by itself, and the radio system makes it easy to enjoy tunes or communicate with other divers. Other cool features include built-in LED headlamps and a projected display that indicates water conditions, depth, pressure and weather – all on the front shield.

And then there’s the X2 Sport underwater jet pack, the first wearable propulsion system designed exclusively for swimmers and snorkelers. It’s compact, lightweight and powerful (4000 watts) achieving top speeds of 10 mph for an hour. Super Marinovation – its manufacturers – claim it will redefine your Dad’s underwater experience!

If your Dad’s a surfer, or always wanted to be, now he can surf without waves. The Waterwolf MPX-3 electric-powered high tech surfboard enables surfing on every lake, river, or other slow-moving or still body of water! 

Families of four and five (plus Fido) might want to give Dad an 18-foot Giant Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board. This SUP comes with two hand pumps and is easy to store and transport (99.2 pounds) for an afternoon of fun adventure with friends or family.  

And while not available YET, the Scorkl, a handheld scuba tank on Kickstarter, is a product to watch. Priced at between $200 and $600 the Scorkl is billed as “safe and easy for everyone” to use and allows a swimmer to tool around under water to his or her heart’s content, breathing comfortably the entire way. 

The Special Fathers of Southshore 

The master-planned community of Southshore is minutes away from 800 acres of water and a variety of water and beach sports and activities. What a great way to enjoy the lake, the sun and your favorite fathers this upcoming holiday designed for dad! Life at the Lake in Southshore is convenient to all kinds of recreation and entertainment so drop by and explore the beautiful model homes from Century Communities, Richmond American Homes and Toll Brothers. Available in ranch and two-story designs, these beautiful builds are priced between the $400s and the $700s.