Father’s Day at the Lake: Gifts to Make a Splash!

June 14, 2016


Has Dad tried paddle-boarding yet?

Southshore on Father’s Day means all kinds of on-the-lake fun, from paddling to fishing and boating (in non-motorized boats, of course!). It’s also the best time for grilling and chilling! Do you have a gift for Dad yet? With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, we decided to do a little online shopping for gift ideas that will help Dad make the most of life at the lake this summer!

How about a Grillbot?

You’ve heard of robots that can vacuum your floors – what about one that can clean the grill? The Grillbot features push-button operation, replaceable wire brushes, a rechargeable battery, and an LCD timer that lets you know when the grill is clean. What could be simpler on Father’s Day than to let the robot do all the work? $129.95 at Grillbots.com

Waterproof Tunes

With the FUGOO Sport waterproof speaker, Dad will cause quite a splash when he plays DJ at the Lakehouse’s saltwater pool this summer. This Bluetooth baby features a 40-hour battery life and integrates with both Apple’s Siri and Android’s Google Now. $199.99 at fugoo.com

It’s Father’s Day: Chill Out!…

For the dad who likes his beer chilled to perfection, check out the Chillsner by Corkcicle. The beer chiller fits into most long-neck beer bottles and will keep a drink cold from first sip to last. The two-pack is $29.95. Happy Father’s Day indeed!

Belly Up to the Fish!

Help Dad get to the best fishing spot on the lake with the Caddis Nevada Float. This belly boat resists punctures and has two main storage compartments to stow gear for the day. $89.99 at Cabela’s.

Best for Wildlife Viewing

All around Southshore, acres of open space provide the perfect backdrop to witness the area’s abundant wildlife. With Bushnell’s 10×42 Legend L-Series Binoculars, Dad can get up close and personal with nature without disturbing the animals in their habitat. These are fully water/fog proof with water-repelling RainGuard HD treatment. $299 at Binoculars.com.

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