Georgia Transplants Love Life at the Lake!

February 23, 2021

Two transplants from Atlanta and their trio of littles moved to a new Taylor Morrison home in Southshore in 2019 – after having “Georgia on their minds” for 18 years. 

“I was born and raised here,” says Deidre Hultman, a former Marriott sales strategist and mom to Grayson, 7, and 3 ½ year old twins, Kaylee and Layla. It was family that lured them back to the Centennial state.

“Living in Georgia felt like being on an island,” says husband Josh, who started his Colorado business life at Charter Communications, then hung his real estate license at Keller Williams DTC. “Deidre’s family is here and we thought – wouldn’t it be great if we had that support!” he says.

Deidre’s brother (who lived in Arizona at the time) suggested the Hultmans move back to Colorado. And having researched Southshore, as well as nearby schools and community amenities, proposed they all build new.

“We were looking to move in Georgia – we knew we needed a different community and better schools, and it was perfect timing,” says Deidre. “We visited Southshore and were surprised to see everyone outside, taking walks, talking to each other.”

Adds Josh, “When you come from a community where everyone keeps to themselves – neighbors didn’t just go outside and strike up a conversation in Georgia – so finding that here was a pleasant surprise.”

The House, The Amenities, The Life

Deidre and Josh settled on the 504C plan. “It’s the same as the model home we walked through — and the floor plan couldn’t have been better,” says Deidre. “When we toured the model,” Josh says, “Grayson and the twins were running in circles from one bedroom, through the Jack and Jill bathroom, to the other bedroom. I knew this was the house for us.” 

“Space is never an issue here,” Deidre says. “We have more storage than I’ve ever had in my life – there’s a pantry off the kitchen that’s as big as my first condo!” she says.

The Hultmans moved to their new home with plans to put down roots. “This is our 15-year home,” says Deidre. “We’re here till the kids graduate.”

Both Hultmans agree that buying new made sense financially, fit their needs and fit their family. “It’s new, it’s safe, and it comes with all these amenities, the gym, the pool — and the HOA is not a ton of money!” says Josh.

The School, The Church, The Community

While 2020 turned out to be the year homeschooling became the norm, Cherry Creek Schools were among the first to return to in-person learning. Grayson attends Altitude Elementary and both Deirdre and Josh were impressed with, not just the district’s reputation for quality education, but with the staff at Altitude.

“You know the principal, Scott Schleich? He’s out there every morning greeting every student,” says Deirdre. “And he expects his teachers to do the same — he’s the real deal.” 

When last summer rolled around, the pool was a “godsend,” says Josh. “You know with little kids you have to get them worn out? We’d take them to the pool, and to the lake when the weather was warmer. And Grayson would ride his bike around the entire reservoir — all eight miles of it!”

The church the Hultmans found – Eastern Hills — just happens to be affiliated with their old church home in Atlanta – Northpoint. One of their neighbors just happens to be from Georgia and made them aware of the local worship connection. 

“It worked out like it was supposed to,” says Josh. “I believe everything happens for a reason, and we’re supposed to be here.”

The Family-Friendly Southshore Community

Some of the most beautiful homes in Aurora are being built from the ground up in the master-planned community of Southshore. If you don’t live here yet, isn’t it time to explore the options in brand new homes from Taylor Morrison, Century Communities, Richmond American Homes or Toll Brothers? Life at the Lake looks like this – stunning ranch and two-story designs – priced between the $400s and the $700s.