Give Guests a Warm Welcome!

December 13, 2016


As holiday travelers crisscross the planet to spend Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah with loved ones, we’re making it our mission to help you create a welcoming new home in Aurora!

Chefs and designers and a few inventive hosts shared their tips and tricks for extending a warm reception to your new home guests this holiday season.


Preparing info about the Wi-Fi,
coffee pot and TV remote in your home will not only make guests feel more welcome, it can make your life easier, too. Type out instructions on how to log onto your Wi-Fi network, run the coffee pot and work the TV remote and frame them. Use a piece of wrapping paper as a backdrop, and place them strategically throughout the house.

cranberry-potpourriA delicious aroma
is an unconscious cue that everyone can expect good things and good times at your house.  Katie at Casual Craftlete blends some cinnamon and woodsy fragrances to create that winter cozy for your nose smells with cranberries, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, fresh rosemary, and pear slices!


acorn-pomandersLisa at 5 Orange Potatoes makes “Acorn Pomanders” out of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, applesauce and glue! Not only do they smell wonderful, you can hang them on your tree when they’re “cooked!”



And if those doesn’t suit your fancy, here are 13 more ways to make your home smell amazing!

Nothing sets the mood like music, and while most people have found Pandora and their own favorite holiday playlists, here are some suggestions just in case.  Christmas is by far the most popular holiday station, featuring all the classic holiday tunes. Listeners have also been enjoying holiday music across a wide variety of genres such as Classical Christmas, Country Christmas and R&B and Pop Holidays. This year you can also celebrate the holidays with Indie Holidays, Rockin’ Holidays or Family Christmas.

You can also tune in to Today’s Christmas, which features the latest Christmas releases,  Jazz Holidays and Swingin’ Christmas are available if you’re feeling jazzy. Celtic Holidays reflects the unique Celtic music tradition, while Christmas Choral Classic features some of the most beautiful choral performances from around the world.

For more comfort cues this holiday season, Real Simple lists 20 ways to make your houseguests’ stay as pleasant as possible, including:

  • set of body care products - soap, cream and shower gelsPutting together a little basket of mini toiletries: soap, shampoo, lotion, shaving cream, a razor, some cotton swabs, and clean washcloths.
  • Putting out a magazine or two to read or flip through when guests relax.
  • An eye mask is nice to eliminate distracting light sources, and makes falling asleep easier in a strange bed. has a variety, including some with gel, some with flaxseed, and some with earplugs, too!
  • Spritzing sheets with a linen spray will freshen sheets that may have been sitting on a closet shelf for a while, and a soothing scent—such as lavender—can also help lull visitors to sleep. has one for $5.99 or you can make your own from
  • Setting out fresh flowers will make almost anybody smile at the extra effort.


Extra Effort at Southshore

We pulled out all the stops at Southshore, the lakeside master-planned community in Aurora. And we want to make you feel at home if you don’t already live here! Stop in to view the stunning models at Village Homes, and the new designs by Richmond American Homes. With several quick move-ins available, too, you’ll find new ranch and two-story models priced from the $400s to $700s.