Halloween Party Headquarters!

October 18, 2016

Welcome to Halloween Party Headquarters! We’ve got the details on the most popular costumes, the best party games, favors and inside-out décor!

Halloween is the quintessential fun holiday for kids and adults. Who doesn’t like to dress up and score great gobs of candy?

Speaking of candy, can you guess the most popular sweet treat? If you’re thinking candy corn you are way out of touch with American tastes! Influenster took a survey of 40,000 people (that’s some sample size, eh?!) and it turns out that Colorado is the Milky Way state.

In fact, chocolate pretty much rules the day. Pollsters reported the most popular Halloween candy in ALL states were Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats and Butterfingers.

Halloween Party Costumes

If you’re more interested in what to wear than scoring chocolate, you’re not alone. According to the National Retail Federation we will be spending about $3.1 billion this year on costumes for our kids, our pets and ourselves.

If you don’t have your get-up figured out yet, we can tell you that aside from SNL, only a few adults over 35 admit that they’ll be dressing up as Trump and Clinton. What Halloweensters of every age are buying is superhero costumes, like Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Spiderman and Batman.

HalloweenWitches are always big sellers — for any age — but this Halloween kids seem to be gravitating more toward princesses, animals, super heroes and Star Wars characters.

Here’s a quick list of the other in-vogue costumes this season, for humans and pets, and for last minute make-it-yourself ideas, the Today Show and Pop Sugar offer up several that won’t break the bank, and Amazon.com has most of them!

A one-stop shopping e-tail store for Halloween is Oriental Trading Company. If you’re looking for outdoor decorations check out the creepy embellishments here, including ubiquitous ghosts, witches and life-size skeletons. Even creepier are Honky the Clown or Mr. and Mrs. Rot. They’re all 5’7” tall with glow-in-the-dark eyes.

You’ve seen the “ground breakers,” right? Zombies and other undead-looking creatures you stake into your yard that appear to be half-above and half-below ground. It’s a Halloween spooktacular, with lots of options for your porch, yard and budget.

HalloweenBetter Homes and Gardens has a horde of Halloween party ideas and adornments. We like the stacked pumpkin “fire” (stencil included), the pumpkin toss game for kids, the genius Halloween disguise bar for every age and the seasonal cocktails for adults.

Michael’s has DIY indoor décor project ideas for beginner and advanced crafters, and Hobby Lobby has more than 500 different Halloween items for party favors and Halloween-themed trimmings.

The Aurora Police Department has published a thorough list of safety tips about protecting your kids, so be sure to check out their A-to-Z suggestions.

If you’re staying in for whatever reason, there are least 18 movies you can watch with your kids and grandkids, according to Moviefone.com.

Happy, Healthy Halloween

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