How To Pamper Your Pets!

September 11, 2018

The easiest way to spoil your pet is lavish them with affection plus their favorite treat, activity and pastime. For dogs, that may mean playtime with you, plus lots of undivided attention, again from you. For cats that may mean more toys, sleeping spaces and a scratching post! And for birds, well the experts say keep spoilage to a minimum and don’t let them rule the roost or they can disrupt the peace in your home!

But for your fur babies, here’s what the experts recommend when you want to pamper your pets, even more than you already do!

Dog-Gone Goodies

Nothing says “I love you” like a comfortable dog bed. Just look at these lavish dog beds with styles from mid-century modern and hand-crafted cushy, to rustic or luxe and fit for a King. Or a Duke. Or an Earl. Want more pampering options for your best friend? Here are seven more custom-made beds for your favorite canine. 

Dogs need mental AND physical exercise and when you’re not home, leaving them a toy to keep them occupied will keep them happier and healthier. These puzzle and activity toys are perfect for any canine that needs to keep busy. 

Kong is the age-old classic toy recommended by vets and dog training experts made of sturdy rubber that bounces unpredictably when you play fetch, and when you leave, you can fill with kibble or treats or a frozen goodie. One of these Seek-a-Treat puzzle toys makes your dog use his or her nose and paws to get at the treat hiding behind the sliding wooden panels. Your dog will have to think about what he’s doing, so it’s great mental stimulation and eliminates boredom!

Trip the Light Catastic!

The Bolt is an interactive laser light show for your cat will give them hours of pursuing pleasure as they chase a laser wherever you point it, or in automatic random patterns around your living room. It’s great exercise for your cat and you can set it so they’ll be irresistibly drawn to chase the laser while you’re busy or away from home. It runs on two AA batteries and will turn off after 15 minutes to conserve battery life. For some laughs, check out this two-minute YouTube video of laser-chasing cats!

They may be trash to you, but that empty box you were about to throw out offers endless possibilities for your cat to play with and hide in. Cats like to retreat to a safe, enclosed space where they can observe but not be seen. A recent study in the journal of Applied Animal Behavior Science found that boxes can actually reduce a cat’s stress levels. PetMD says the best place to put the box is a couple of feet from a wall with the opening turned toward it. And if you leave treats and a t-shirt with your smell on it inside, all the better!

Bring the jungle into your living room and turn your house cat into a house lion with The Floating Cat Wall Shelves from Meowingtons. These leafy, verdant shelves provide your cat with a natural hiding place from which to survey their kingdom.

Cats don’t like water, as a rule. After all they tend to bathe themselves so what’s the big deal? If you’d like to make sure your kitty is cleaner than he or she can get themselves, try the Well & Good wipes (you can get them at Petco at Southlands in Aurora). When you warm them in the microwave the gentle formula will have your kitty smelling citrusy and wonderful after what amounts to a 15-second petting session!

Spoiler Alert in Southshore!

The pet-lovin’ homeowners in the master-planned community of Southshore love their fur babies! And with the parks and trails, there are plenty of places to walk your best friend, and plenty of avian life to keep the felines entertained from safe inside a picture window.  Tour one of the spectacular models from Toll Brothers, Richmond American Homes or Century Communities, top home builders offering ranch and two-story designs. It’s lakeside living at its best, priced between the upper $300s and the $700s.