Interior Design Trends: 2019

October 16, 2018

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, these design and décor trends are happening now and the style experts predict we will see them well into 2019 and beyond! And while some of these trends may perfectly match your style and personality, others might clash with your tastes like chocolate and bubble gum! See which of these resonate with your inner Joanna Gaines! 

Earth Tones

It’s not just the onset of fall that has motivated designers to embrace and integrate autumn leaf colorways in their latest works of interior art. It’s the richer colors that tantalize the eye and quicken the heart, according to the Trend Design Book, and these home décor and paint colors won’t end with the advent of another season. Take a look at the rich array of earth tones like terracotta, deep blues and warm greens. 

Nightwatch Green” is the 2019 color of the year, says Architectural Digest and PPG — a moody blend of hunter and bottle green. It looks great with high-shine finishes and other elements.

Global Concepts

Sometimes it seems like the world is shrinking as access through digital media gives us a window to cultural images and ethnic motifs across the continents. And we’re seeing those inspirations appear in fabrics for pillows and upholstered furniture. Just look at the floor cushions showcased at Shelter Mess; the patterns are eye-popping and exotic. We’re also seeing design influences from Asia and Africa in accessories like rugs that cover floors AND walls in living areas, too. And if you’re short on inspiration and determined to find accessories UNLIKE everyone else’s you know, visit Rug Society, a European design house with unique offerings.

Big, Bold, Beautiful…Wallpaper

Speaking of walls, if you thought wallpaper only decked the walls of homes in the early 20th century, think again. Wallpaper is on-trend, and while more expensive than paint, is considered more durable with a longer lifespan. And with no limits to the patterns and designs available today, trendcasters are pointing to big, bold designs, and the use of one accent wall rather than an entire room.

Statement Ceilings

From painted shiplap and natural wood planks to bold paint colors – solids and stripes – to more traditional coffered ceilings, what’s overhead has taken on a life of its own for many designers. Check out the galleries at HGTV, Fresh Home and on Pinterest. In industrial décor, metal is an option, as is multi-dimensional add-ons which add visual interest and offer the ultimate in room customization.

Living Walls

The trend to grow your own wall covering may have started in hotels and restaurants, but we’re seeing cool interpretations of living walls sprout in living spaces.

From wild and wooly ferns and grasses to a wall of fragrant herbs for kitchen cookery to shelves of potted succulents, the live greenery helps bring the outside in to turn rooms into vibrant ecosystems!

Tile Trends

My Domaine predicted last year that terrazzo flooring was making its way back into designers’ playbooks. The marble mosaic flooring popularized in 1920s Art Deco architecture is making a comeback; we’re seeing it spill over into tiles as well, which is an easier to install and cheaper alternative to the real thing. And while subway tiles were super popular a few years ago, the latest iteration is more texturized than glazed, giving them a fresher more modern look.

Hot Home Trends in Southshore!

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