Make-Ahead Thanksgiving, Southshore Style!

November 15, 2016

Make-aheadMake-ahead Thanksgiving dishes can reduce holiday stress and give you a jump start on your meal prep. Recipe sites like the Food Network, Real Simple and Good Housekeeping offer twists-on-the-classics you can make in advance and spend more time with the people you’re thankful for!


Rosemary Pecans

These pecans are coated with butter, sugar and cayenne before you roast them and add the fresh rosemary. They can be prepared and stored at room temperature in an airtight container up to a week before the big meal.

Ina’s Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Vegetable soups can be easily frozen for a great make-ahead appetizer as long as they don’t contain cream or eggs. You can cut your prep by cubing the onions and squash ahead of time, and when you reheat Ina Garten’s super soup (just before serving), the curry flavor comes alive!

Perfect Cranberry Sauce

Friends don’t let friends serve cranberry sauce out of a can! Fresh or frozen cranberries get a zip from lemon or orange zest, cooked over medium heat and frozen the week before.


Anne Burrell’s Brined Herb Crusted Turkey With Apple Cider Gravy

Brining is a simple hands-off way to infuse your turkey with flavor before it hits the oven. This recipe packs a maximum taste punch with minimum prep, by having the turkey sit in cider brine for two to three days.


Goat Cheese Spread

A good cheese spread should have tons of flavor without a ton of chopping or any real “cooking,” The simplicity of this spread makes it a go-to, make-ahead recipe for any meal, including Thanksgiving!


Mashed Root Vegetables

Here’s one from Chef Curtis Stone that’ll get you out of the mashed white /sweet potato rut. He includes parsnips and rutabagas (for a huge boost of vitamin C) with cream and sage. Other recipes we’ve seen trade out the sage for rosemary.

Green Bean Salad with Walnuts, Fennel, and Goat Cheese

While admittedly this recipe isn’t as comfort food familiar as the green beans and mushroom soup staple of grandma’s holiday meals, this side dish is a taste treat and a whole lot healthier!

Fennel and Apricot Stuffing

One reason we think we’re seeing so many recipes with fennel this season is that according to World’s Healthiest Foods it’s a good source of vitamin C and also contains magnesium, calcium and everybody’s favorite, dietary fiber!

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