Make a Water Fountain This Weekend!

May 9, 2017

Water: We love the sound of it. From babbling brooks and gentle summer showers to the gurgling melody of a backyard fountain, the sound of water is a non-threatening, soothing sound. That’s why noise machines imitate it and people use it to foster sleep, meditation and relaxation.

You can introduce tranquility and beauty into your outdoor space by adding a water feature. There are lots of options you can purchase at your local home improvement store, an online outlet or even Craig’s List – there are always gently used fountains on that resale site. But if you want something one-of-a-kind that has your signature style, create one of your own. Most of these will take you one-to-two days from start to finish!


This is a one-day project rated super-simple on a scale of one-to-four and requires minimal tools and supplies. You need a spade, a level, a bubble fountain kit, some tubing, a small pump with a flow adjuster ($18-$50 at Home Depot) plus a few other things like, sand, gravel and pebbles.

There are six steps to this simple fountain from preparing the site to filling in the finished fountain periphery with plants. The handy folks at the DIY Network advise getting an electrician to create an outdoor outlet in a concealed location near the fountain, but there are also solar-powered water fountain kits you can buy for around $30.

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom made a bubble fountain out of garden pots, and you can too! The Pottery Patch has tons of glazed ceramic pots to choose from that will work with her directions, DIY’s or Lowe’s.


waterA water fountain has three things: cycling water, a pump and a piece of sculpture over which the water flows. Instructables takes a weekend project to the next level of difficulty with an extensive step-by-step tutorial for making a water fountain from flat stacked stones. It’s more labor intensive since it requires drilling holes in the stones (or pavers) — but also allows for more design input from you.

This Old House offers up a fountain buying guide to help you choose snazzy “sculpture” materials, and both Home Depot and Lowe’s have a huge selection of pavers, if you like the stacked look.


We’re partial to the unassuming tub fountain. The galvanized steel tubs used in this Better Homes and Gardens fountain make it portable and easy enough to move around if you decide to relocate it. Directions call for one square tub and one bucket, 50 pounds of river rock plus a glass gazing ball. Unfamiliar with these mesmerizing globes? Here’s an assortment to see if one catches your eye!


waterWe hesitate to mention this one because while Family Handyman instructions indicate you can make it in a weekend, we think it might take you an extra day! Modeled after an old millstone, this little fountain is the perfect size for a patio or small backyard and looks uniquely awesome. But the step-by-step instructions call for making a solid form for the wet concrete (from two 80-pound bags of concrete mix!) and tools like a wheelbarrow and jigsaw — hence the four-out-of-four difficulty. We recommend this for the handiest DIYers.


An equally easy alternative to the fountain is a mini-water garden and almost anything can be used to create one. You can either place it in the ground or on top of it using everything from a plastic planter or watering trough, to a half-whiskey barrel or galvanized oval tub. Here are some WooHome ideas to inspire you, and this detailed tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens even has a list of aquatic plants to buy.

The Water Wonderland at Southshore

The grandest water feature in Aurora is right next to the lakeside master-planned community of Southshore! The Aurora Reservoir is a major attraction for residents here, as are the designs from an array of William Lyon Homes models, and the brand new models from both Richmond American Homes and Century Communities! The brand-new ranch and two-story home designed by Colorado’s top home builders are priced from the upper $300s to the $700s.