Moving Tips, Checklists and Savings!

July 26, 2016

We’re not going to lie to you, moving is hard work. It may not make the top 10 list of stressful life events, but it’s up there. Hey, we’ve all moved enough times to know! So we’ve scoured our favorite resources for top moving tips and handy checklists to take some of the hassle and expense out of moving.

Technology, Timing and Trucks

1.  First, there are some great free apps that can help you plan your move and put all the information you need at your fingertips. Most of these apps help you create an inventory of your belongings with a few taps so you can create a list and figure out how many (and what size) boxes you’ll need. Many of the apps estimate the volume and weight of your belongings.

Moving Tips: By Martin Panayotov

The apps can identify professional movers near you and have moving timelines and checklists with the tasks you need to complete as you approach your moving date.

2.  We’re in peak moving season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) and movers tell us that their busiest days of the week are Thursdays and Fridays. If you can move during the off-peak season, and on a slower day like Monday or Tuesday, you should save a little money.

Pre-Moving Tips!

Moving Tips: Bagster

The Bagster Bag

3. Whether you use an app or not, the first thing you need to do is purge. Packing and moving clothes you never wear, gifts you’ve never used, or expired food and medicine will cost you more time, effort and money on the other end.  Lighten your load before you start packing with some declutter tips from If you’re a hobbyist with a LOT of leftovers and scraps, (we’re talking three cubic yards or more of wood, metal, broken things to fix, etc.) check out for easy, affordable removal.

4.  Renting a truck and treating friends to lunch is the most cost-effective way to move. Be sure to read the fine print for the trucking company’s mileage allowances and fuel surcharges. If you can, have specific tasks in mind to assign to helpers so they’re not standing around. If you’re hiring a crew, get at least three in-home estimates and ask about hidden costs like charging for heavy items, repacking, stairs or waiting.

Moving Tips: home-inventory-checklist Inventory Checklist

Hands-On Moving Tips!

5.  If you like low-tech notebooks where you can keep EVERYTHING related to your move, create a 3-ring move binder with all your checklists, inventory lists, loan documents and receipts. It’s also handy for contact info, for utility companies (at both ends of your move), your builder, movers, etc. Being organized can keep the stress to a minimum!

6.  Look for free or deeply discounted boxes on or online swap and recycle sites. Most people are happy to let you take their used moving boxes off their hands (and property) for little or no money.

7.  Do ALL the packing and labeling before moving day so everything is ready to go. Color-coding boxes by room will help the movers place them in your new home, and help you as you settle in. has free printable labels that print right on Avery Shipping Labels (3.33” x 4”). Just don’t put them on your furniture!

8. can help you pre-arrange furniture in your new space so you can “try things on” before you get there. The simple program allows you to draw walls, designate rooms, and then drag and drop specific pieces of furniture and accessories into the rooms.

Moving Tips:

There’s a tutorial video on Youtube or you can dive right in!

9.  Finally, HGTV has a short video of moving tips  For Pets.  Not that you’d ever forget them, but you’ll see some great advice on keeping everybody calm and collected!

10.  Moving doesn’t have to inspire panic; it CAN be cathartic and cleansing. Think of it that way.

Out with the old, into the new!