Storage Ideas to Help Organize Your Life!

October 25, 2016

You may have enough storage space in your home, but be honest – could you use some creative ideas about how to maximize it? We’re here to help!

A few weeks ago, Time Magazine published an article with the features homebuyers want most in a home and storage ranked number four. But not just any old storage space! It has to be organized and functional, especially for a growing family.

Welcome to our top 10 list of tips and storage ideas culled from a handful of our favorite organizing bloggers and websites. Some are storage products, some are DIY projects, but all of them can inspire and help you make the most of what you’ve got!

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Today’s free-flowing kitchens-to-family rooms are often the hub of the home. Houzz has some of the most saved, shared and reposted pictures of the ultimate dream storage spaces. From organized and optimized pantries, corner and utensil drawers, to rolling cabinets and appliance “garages,” check out one heck of a bucket list of built-ins.

storageEven if your kitchen has no Houzz-like accoutrements, you can still make things handier. This heavy-duty lifter from Home Depot is great for mixers, big food processors, juicers, industrial strength blenders and even larger-than-average crockpots. It’s spring-loaded, raises to full counter height and will hold 60 pounds of appliances – or a small child. It’ll cost you about $90 plus tax.

storageIf they didn’t come with the kitchen, roll-out drawers for cabinets are the bomb. You can install them in pantries or upper/lower cupboards. If you’re tired of crawling inside a cabinet to find stored items, now you can bring it all within reach. These bamboo and chrome roll-out drawers from the Container Store are available in a variety of sizes for between $45 and $69.

For a little encouragement (and a how-to primer) on organizing your pantry, HGTV has some great tips about where to start and how to categorize. It’s always easier to can find what you’re looking for (and not buy multiples you don’t need!) when you have a system.

To separate and stack your cutting boards, cookie sheets and trays, blogger Chelsea at Two Twenty One got creative with a wire file sorter from Amazon.

And these mounted mesh magazine racks, make great foil and plastic wrap holders attached to the inside of a lower cabinet.

Winter Storage Ideas

Here’s a cold-weather storage idea from blogger Joan at Baloney Bug. She screwed a few mesh file holders into her hall closet (inside) door. Now instead of throwing hats, scarves and gloves out of reach on the top shelf, it’s all ready to grab and go.

Shoe Storage

We’ve had shoe racks, shoe stackers, plastic shoe boxes and hanging shoe organizers (who can give up that much clothes space?), but we like this DIY project, so much more. Photographer and blogger Cookie Loves Milk showcased her husband’s handiwork and says it’s the most popular photo she’s posted! It’s an endlessly updateable DIY project made from 150mm PVC pipe.

Junk Drawers

Nearly everybody has at least one drawer that’s a catchall for miscellany. If yours looks like a two-year-old organized it, try this cheap and easy fix from Real Simple. Take inexpensive jewelry boxes ($.29 at most craft stores) in different sizes to put things that have no place of their own. Arrange them any which way and they still have a sense of order!

Garage Storage Hacks

Additional storage located in the garage keeps clutter out of your house and off the garage floor (and not stacked against the four walls!). HGTV has some great DIY hacks to help you organize everything from paint and recreational equipment to gloves and gardening tools.

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