Sugar and Cinnamon-Spiced Treats

April 13, 2021

Raise your hand if you think cinnamon (and sugar) is not just for lattes? And once more if you think that combo spice belongs on everything from tortilla chips and wontons, to iced pastries and cookies? Right?! Read on for the recipes that will make your taste buds thank you for blending those two essentials – cinnamon spice and sugar crystals. 

Cinnamon Rolls Made Simple

First, take a serious look at Real Simple’s genius method for making homemade cinnamon rolls in 30 minutes. You could have a delicious snack ready to eat after you finish up that afternoon Zoom call. They’re sweet, satisfying and go really great with a post-meeting cuppa joe. We all know these delectable bites of yum require time to rise, but not when you use puff pastry! 

If you’re interested in the yeast-y kind of homemade cinnamon rolls, let Bincy Chris take you through the easy (but a little more time-consuming) video how-to.

Unexpected Yet Mouth-Watering 

Blogger Danielle at The Creative Bite takes four easy ingredients: cinnamon, sugar, butter and flour tortillas to make “sweet nachos”! These chips are perfect for dipping in fruit salsa, whipped cream, chocolate or eaten all by themselves. Take a tour around her site, she has all kinds of things to see, do, imitate and create.

We might be about to blow your mind with these sweet potato pastries from Taste of Home. That’s right, the OTHER potato. Here’s what you do, mash up the cooked veggies with cream cheese, brown sugar, orange zest and take crescent roll dough and plop a spoonful of the filling inside. Then brush the outside with butter, cinnamon and sugar, and bake.

Taste of Home brings out the cinnamon with this and 39 more recipes for desserts. From a Cinnamon Apple Tart and Cinnamon Chip Scones to Honey Cinnamon Roll-Ups (sort of like baklava) Cinnamon-Apple Brown Betty and Cinnamon Roll Pudding (in your slow cooker)! Scroll through this collection and tell us you didn’t find a treat you HAVE to have!

Bars and Churros to Cake

Blogger Cyndi at My Kitchen Craze came up with Cinnamon Brown Sugar Bars, which are a little like snicker-doodle rectangles. You’re going to need the usual suspect – cinnamon, in the recipe and to top it, plus butter, brown sugar, flour, eggs and a few other ingredients. Now these are great with coffee or chai tea lattes, too, and Cyndi says they’re mostly fool-proof – even if you’re not a maestro in the kitchen. 

Martha Stewart published 15 cinnamon -sugar recipes and she’s always worth a scroll and swipe. From the Churros with Mexican Chocolate Sauce to Cinnamon Toasted Pound Cake or Clementines in Cinnamon Syrup, you’ll find both the unusual and the expected with Martha.

By the way, lest you feel guilty for indulging in your favorite cinnamon-spiced treat, be assured that there are a least 10 evidence-based health benefits from consuming the spice. According to Healthline, among the most impressive are its anti-inflammatory property and antioxidants. Cinnamon contains so many polyphenols, it outranks the so-called superfood garlic. And given a choice, who wouldn’t want to smell better, too!

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