Things Not to Store in a Garage!

July 31, 2018

With temperatures swinging near 100 degrees this summer, there are at least five things you should never store in your garage, especially when it’s so stifling hot! A garage can store more than your car, your skis, bicycles and lawnmower. But think twice before you keep the following items in your 90-plus degree garage!

Unused and Leftover Paint

The garage may seem like the perfect place to keep your unused paint, but the truth is extreme temperatures can ruin the color in the cans! The experts say the ideal temperatures are between 50 and 80 degrees, and freezing temperatures can do this to stored paint – basically, turn it into curdled paste — not the consistency you’ll want to put on your walls! 

Non-Perishable Food

At best, food stored in high heat (like your garage in the summer) will cause it to break down faster. This breakdown changes the food’s appearance and flavor, and diminishes the nutrients. At worst, some foods, like many types of canned goods, contain bacteria which only grows in temperatures above 100 degrees. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends foods be kept at below 85 degrees and most experts prefer temperatures below 70 degrees. 

Treasured Family Photos

Again, your garage might seem like the perfect place to store family photos, but pollutants, moisture, and heat will quickly destroy the images. This is true for old-school photographs and slides. Digitizing all of your treasured pics is important if you want to keep all those vintage memories in the family!

You’ll also want to store any books, magazines, and other paper goods inside. Changes in humidity will make paper expand and contract, and pages will curl and spines warp. Books are also especially inviting for silverfish, spiders, and rodents when left in the garage. 

Your Second Refrigerator 

This may be the worst news of all. Since refrigerators work best in a temperature of 67 to 77 degrees, a hot garage will make it work harder to keep your food cool and spike your energy bill! It’s also not a great idea during the winter, according to Rodale’s Organic Life. Refrigerators operate less efficiently at temperatures below 50 degrees, so unless your garage is climate-controlled, keep your extra fridge in the basement, or just buy enough food for your kitchen fridge!

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