Tips for a Spring Cleaning Blitz!

April 3, 2018

Can’t wait to tackle your list of spring cleaning chores? We thought so. If spring cleaning isn’t on your spring bucket list, we’ve got the hacks to help you tackle the tasks right here. From using Kool-Aid on your toilet to remove stubborn stains, to putting toys, pet dishes and plastic hairbrushes in the dishwasher to sanitize away all germs and spit.
If you’re looking for short-cuts, best cleaners, and tips for giving your house a good spit and polish – metaphorically speaking – here are the top 10 spring cleaning tips from the experts!

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Tongs for Dusty Blinds

Yes, tongs. Salad tongs, in fact. Take a pair and wrap them in microfiber cloths with rubber bands and insert them between the individual window blinds to grab all that winter dust that’s accumulated. One Crazy House shows you how! And remember those “Magic Erasers” from Mr. Clean? The really are magical. The little durafoam surface cleaners can remove stains from walls, bathtubs, oven doors, marks on baseboards, doors, floors and so much more!

The Best Household Cleaners

Not only does toothpaste freshen your breath, you can use it to clean chrome surfaces in the bathroom and make them shine. Not only that, toothpaste will remove scuffs from your shoes and the bottom of an iron!)

Got a fur-baby who sheds on your upholstered furniture? Grab those rubber gloves under the kitchen sink for a great pet hair picker-upper. Rub one gloved hand over your couch and chairs and watch the hair ball up from the static electricity! You’ll be able to easily wad it up and throw it away!

Vodka: Your New Best Friend

If your shower suffers from invading mildew or mold, raid the liquor cabinet! Spray the ick with a little vodka, and let the liquor acids cut right through the grime. In 10 minutes, wipe it all down without so much as a rub-a-dub-dub! Apartment Therapy has nine more ways to clean everything from mirrors to mattresses with vodka – just don’t sip too much between cleaning tasks!

Speed Cleaning Tips

If you want to make really short work of what seems like an arduous rite of spring, look at the Good Housekeeping’s Home Speed Cleaning Guide. From cleaning Mistakes That Slow You Down to 13 House-Cleaner Habits to Steal, you can follow these short-cuts to get it done quick!

CNET just published a video of their top five tech tips for spring cleaning – like purging files from your hard drive, unsubscribing from annoying emails and deleting unused apps from your phone. And Digital Trends report on 10 great gadgets – including the Neato Botvac and the Airmega air purifier — will help you clean and declutter your home in record time.

It’s Springtime in Southshore

Start the countdown! Now that it’s spring, summer’s around the corner, when the swimming pool opens at The Lakehouse  and warm-weather activities at the lake start ramping up! Southshore has lots of beautiful new models to tour – don’t miss the latest from Toll Brothers, Richmond American Homes and Century Communities. It’s lakeside living in ranch and two-story designs, priced from the upper $300s to the $700s!