Veggie Sides for Thanksgiving and Beyond!

November 23, 2021

While green bean casseroles seem to be the order of the day for Thanksgiving meals, just in case you’re in the mood for something less traditional and more adventurous, we rounded up veggie side recipes to inspire you. From green beans sans the mushroom soup, but plus Parmesan, and roasted carrots or radishes, to cauliflower with bacon and cheddar, and kale three different ways – we’ve got the vegetables right here!

Green Beans, Carrots and Cauliflower

It is a universally acknowledged fact that putting parmesan on vegetables makes them one- thousand-times more delicious. Now that we can finally turn on our ovens without worrying about heating up the whole house, get those veggies roasting! Not only is roasting basically the easiest way to prepare large amounts of veggies, the crisp, seared texture it brings is so yummy! Try oven-baked green beans with parmesan cheese for a healthy side dish that will have you reaching for seconds – from Cooking LSL. And Joyous Apron’s Lemon and garlic make roasted broccoli is extra flavorful, with just a hint of tang to enhance the earthiness of the crunchy florets. 

If you’re in the mood to kick things up a notch and toss the idea of “healthy” out the door in favor of “mouth-watering,” we’ve got two words for you: bacon and cheddar. takes that magical combination and pairs it with cauliflower, for the makings for one of the most addicting, loaded side dishes ever.

Add a little style to an otherwise average meal accessory with Tuscan-style roasted carrots from Family Feast. The secret is adding balsamic vinegar to the carrots until the vinegar evaporates and starts to caramelize, transforming the simple root vegetable into a dish you’ll be requested to make time and time again. And if you THINK you don’t like Brussels sprouts, try the Family Feast recipe. The trick is to roast them at a high enough temperature to make them crunchy on the outside but tender on the inside — caramelizing them and adding bacon.

Three-Way Kale and Roasted Radishes

We love an adaptable veggie, especially one like Kale that’s packed with nutrients. Kale can be served fairly simply sautéed with garlic and olive oil for a twist on your average side, but why not kick things up a notch with something more elaborate? Add roasted chickpeas and parmesan for a kale Caesar salad from Peas and Crayons that’s almost a main course. Toss it with quinoa, bell pepper, onion, and feta for a flavor-packed side salad unlike any other. 

Do you ever get in a veggie rut? You make them one way and never get out of your comfort zone. Take radishes, for example. Sure, they add a peppery bite into a salad, especially when paired with cucumbers and dill, but have you ever tried them roasted? Roasted radishes turn juicy and sweet, and they pair perfectly with feta and a vinaigrette for a side you’ll want to devour. 

Brussels Sprouts and Roasted Roots

The amazing discovery about vegetables we’ve made is aside from the flavor you get when they’re just-plucked from your garden, they are more delicious and delectable when you prepare them with creativity when they are fresh from the produce aisle. Brussels sprouts, kale, and apples harmonize perfectly, and adding cheddar, bacon, and pecans turns the trio into a superfood group. And for the “best squash recipe” on the internet, Chef Buck brings you yellow squash, fried then baked with shredded carrots, cheese, crackers and sour cream and topped with buttered Panko crumbs!

Or try on a different kind of taste sensation with a roasted root vegetable salad with chimichurri —  the zesty sauce is everything we never knew our fresh veggies needed!

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